Application for Aspirancy - Why does it take 8 months?

1.  Application packet

  1. Narrative essay by applicant
  2. Narrative essay by spouse
  3. Baptismal record of the applicant sent by the church of baptism
  4. Baptismal record of the spouse sent by the church of baptism
  5. Confirmation certificate sent by the church of Baptism if not noted on the back of the baptismal certificate.
  6. Marriage Certificate
  7. Proof of annulment, if applicable
  8. Transcripts of theological formation sent by the institution
  9. Military discharge papers, if applicable
  10. Work History
  11. Medical evaluation sent directly by physician
  12. Family History
  13. Psychological evaluation of both the applicant and spouse
  14. Confidential affidavit
  15. Photographs

2.  Recommendation Packet

  1. Pastor
  2. Personal x 3

3.  Safe Environment  Coordinator - Diocesan Requirements

  1. Criminal Background Check
  2. Virtus Training
  3. Code of Conduct

4.  Director meeting with your pastor.

5.  Formation Board Interview