Lay Ministry Formation

Through the generosity of donors to the Witness to Hope Capital Campaign, the Diocese of Lansing is able to provide financial support for the theological formation of lay ministers in our parishes who serve as employees and volunteers. Taking advantage of the latest communications technology, Witness to Hope brings broad access to excellent online formation programs that will help lay ministers grow as leaders and evangelists throughout our diocese.   
The funds are used as grants to help partially offset the costs of online theology and evangelization formation programs.  Upon approval from the pastor, applicants will need to identify the program in which they will enroll and show evidence that they are successfully registered and have paid. Upon successful completion of the course/program, the diocese will reimburse the student 25% of the tuition per course or program up to a maximum of $1,500 per year per student with a lifetime maximum of $5,000.  The parish also commits to reimbursing at least 25% of the cost of tuition per course or program.     
The grants will currently fund the following diocesan approved programs:   

 Applicants are required to complete the ministry formation application which includes approval and financial commitment from his/her pastor.  Reimbursement will be made via check payable to the student once the student provides evidence of having satisfactorily completed the course or program with a course grade of 3.0 or higher for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs; or documented course completion or a program certificate from a non-degree program.   
Scan and email the completed application to