Report Misconduct

The Diocese of Lansing expects that all diocesan employees, clergy, and volunteers will exemplify the moral teachings of Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church in their personal and professional life. See Diocesan Code of Conduct. Report misconduct in the following ways:

  • Sexual Abuse of a Minor. If you have been the victim of child sexual abuse by someone representing the Catholic Church, contact appropriate law enforcement and the diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator, Lisa Veenstra, LMSW can be reached via telephone at (888) 308-6252 or via e-mail by clicking here. Allegations of sexual abuse of a minor are referred to law enforcement, investigated internally by the Diocese, and reviewed by the Diocesan Review Board, a board composed of lay professionals. Clergy found to have committed sexual abuse of a minor are permanently barred from ministry. Allegations concerning clergy of a religious order or another Diocese will be referred to the appropriate religious order or diocese. 
  • Allegations of Clerical Misconduct. For allegations of misconduct by a priest or deacon which does not relate to the abuse of minors, you may likewise report these allegations through Victim Assistance Coordinator Lisa Veenstra. All allegations of clerical misconduct are reviewed by the Diocese of Lansing Code of Conduct Advisory Council, a council composed of lay professionals, who then advise the Bishop on how to appropriately respond to any cases of misconduct by a cleric. 
  • Other Allegations Against Employees or Volunteers. If you have concerns or allegations relating to misconduct by lay employees or volunteers which does not relate to the abuse of minors, then click here. Such matters are addressed by the Diocese of Lansing Human Resources Department under both the Code of Conduct and employment law.