Office of the Bishop

Administrative Assistant to Bishop Boyea

Administrative Assistant

Director - Office of Worship & Chair Discipleship Formation

Coordinator of Mission Appeals, National Collections, CRS Grants

Discipleship Formation

Director of Marriage and Family Life

Director of Fertility and Life Ministries

Director - Office of Worship & Chair Discipleship Formation

The Catholic Foundation

Chief Operating Officer

Fund Administrator and Executive Assistant

Donor Services Manager

Donor Services Specialist

Department of Education, Catechesis, and Youth Ministry

Superintendent of Schools

Director of Religious Education

Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction

Director of Middle School/High School Ministry

Coordinator of Campus Ministry

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant to Department of Education

Department of Catholic Charities

Dir. of Catholic Charities

Department of Vocations

Director of Diaconal Formation

Dir. Consecrated Vocations | Young Adult Ministry | Del. for Consecrated Life

Director of Permanent Diaconate

Admin. to Directors | Seminarian, Diaconate & Consecrated Vocations

Chair of Vocations| Director of Seminarians

Department of New Evangelization

Director of New Evangelization

Admin. | Offices of New Evangelization

Department of Outreach Ministry

Coordinator of the Hispanic Ministry


Creative Services Manager Graphic Design and Web Administrator

Director of Communications

Admin. Asst. to the Chief of Staff, Dir. of Communications & Legal Counsel

Finance Department

Chief Finance Officer

Director of Accounting and Audit

Director of Building and Property Management

Technology Support

Accounting Specialist

Accounting Manager

Diocesan Receptionist

Building Facilities Supervisor

Department of Human Resources

Director of Human Resources

Safe Environment Director

Victim Assistance Coordinator


Department of Catholic Cemeteries

Cemetery Operations Manager

Family Service Advisor - St. Joseph Cemetery, Lansing

Family Service Advisor - St. Joseph Cemetery, Lansing

Administrative Assistant - St. Joseph Cemetery, Lansing

Family Service Advisor - New Calvary Cemetery, Flint

Accounting Assistant - New Calvary Cemetery, Flint