Albers Trust Fund for Diocesan Vocations

In 1972 His Excellency, Alexander M. Zaleski, Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing, desirous of providing funds for the education of individuals aspiring toward a religious vocation established the JOSEPH H. ALBERS TRUST FUND FOR DIOCESAN VOCATIONS (herein after referred to as Trust Fund or Burse) A Pious Foundation and approved this preamble: 

WHEREAS, the people for The Diocese of Lansing out of their charity and appreciation for the needs of the Church founded by Jesus Christ, have  shown a wholesome tendency to support the cause (costs) of promoting vocations by gifts and bequests. WHEREAS, this disposition should be encouraged and promoted by providing a means whereby such bequests and  gifts can be collected and administered in accordance with a plan which will meet the demands of the donor and the standards of the Diocese;  NOW, THEREFORE, in order to accomplish such purposes, the following Resolution and Declaration of Trust is now adopted.   5/20/1972

The Albers Trustees are the stewards of this Fund and meet on a quarterly basis to determine the grant awards for all men in minor college seminary for the Diocese of Lansing.  It requires a substantial amount of money to educate, form and support our seminarians in college and theology during their years of formation. Although the Diocese of Lansing provides all the resources required to educate and form our graduate level seminarians, men who study at the undergraduate level for the diocese are expected to cover most of their own costs for their education.  The diocese attempts to help by directly covering additional formation costs but is not able to directly cover the costs of tuition or room and board.  Typically the cost of undergraduate seminary ranges from $55,000 to $62,000 dollars a year.  The Albers Fund hopes not to leave them with possible enormous debt for choosing to discern the priesthood.

Ken Klein
Mark Corcoran
Dcn. Aaron Peterson
Joe Thorrez
Victoria Arteaga
Elaine Crosby
Rev. Paul Erickson
Janie Garcia-Herrera
Theresa Marshall
Rev. Daniel Westermann
Ex-officio Members
Most Reverend Earl Boyea
Rev. John Whitlock
Denise Dell'Acqua

Board of Education and Catechesis

Angela Maria Ascencio-Mindlin
Rev. John Byers
Luke Canfora
John Manser
Dcn. Aaron Peterson
Rev. Mark Rutherford J.C.L.
Kathy Tarnacki
Betsy Youngdahl
Ex-officio Members
Rev. Steven Mattson

Diocesan Building Commission

David McAlvey
Don Morgan
Jay Smith
Ann Marie Smullen
Ex-officio Members
Alan Olsen

College of Consultors

Rev. Louis Thomas Ekka
Rev. Paul Erickson
Rev. Joseph Krupp
Rev. Shaun Lowery
Very Rev. Timothy MacDonald
Rev. Jonathan Perrotta
Rev. Karl Pung
Rev. Thomas Thompson
Ex-officio Members
Most Reverend Earl Boyea

Committee for Liturgical Design

Rev. Francis George
Rev. Anthony J Strouse
David Swanson
Ex-officio Members
Alan Olsen

Committee on Youth Ministry

Becky Beck
Jeff Corder
Don Dalgleish
Lisa Dubinski
Rev. Paul Erickson
Jennifer Giddings
Laura Hahnenberg
Mary Lou Hahn-Setta
Heather Marsh
Ex-officio Members
Brian Flynn

Genesee County Catholic Council on Aging

James Cole
Barbara Cole
Debbie Summers
Emily Prchlik
Mary Chalut
Edward Chalut
Janet Blankenship
Joanne Armor
Lucy Hollow
Margaret Story
Mary Ann Sperry
Mary Ellen Pierce
Maxine Swisher
Olli Brown
Ramona Ondovcsik
Rose Cuzenza
Shirley Kozlowski
Shirley Sanborn
Sue Kelly
Steve Kelly
Vi MacDonald
William Flick
Winnie Coutcher

Jackson County Catholic Council on Aging

Amy Shushok
Barb Dwyer
Betty Jo DeForest
Bill Stoewer
Charles Irestone
Chuck Camp
Dan Verlin
Fran Shutler
Judy Drake
Mary Ellen Underwood
Pat Moran
Phyllis DeMay
Shirley Johnson
Theresa Smolak

Lenawee and Hillsdale Counties Catholic Council on Aging

Bernadine Potts
Carolina Barrios
Denice Combs
Diane Dover
Jane Waldo
Mary Quick
Sue Lewis

Livingston County Catholic Council on Aging

Donna Andrizzi
Frances McLaughlin
Irene Phillips
Jackie Renaud
Jeanette Johnson
Jeanette Young
Joanne Pehkonen
Lisa Stahl
Marion Kocian
Mark Robinson
Rosemary Ruby
Sharon Krys
Sr. Joyce Hoile
Cindy Clos
Steve Clos
Thersia Mendolia
Valerie Kraus

Shiawassee County Catholic Council on Aging

Ann McDougall
Barbara Martz
Barbara Stoner
Betty Cerny
Doris Byrnes
Elaine Michutka
Hattie Campbell
Joan Bauer
Marguerite Lawler
Mary Ann Dunn
Mary Lou Nemets
Nancy Kienitz
Stasia Reyna
Sue McCarty
Vicky Schultz

Washtenaw County Catholic Council on Aging

Bill Schwab
Diane Schwab
Cynthia Foster
Doris Filisko
Elaine Stasiak
Gerry Hofer
Grace Bommarito
Irene Allen
Kay Rocco
Margaret Cauvin
Charlie Burgess
Mary Ann Burgess
Mary Ann Wroubel

Deacon Advisory Council

Dcn. Thomas Arehart
Dcn. Daniel Fairweather
Dcn. John Finn
Dcn. Jack Flanagan
Dcn. Ken Preiss
Dcn. Jeff Southerland
Ex-officio Members
Dcn. Randy Desrochers
Carol Desrochers

DRE Advisory Committee

LouAnn Albers
Bernice Haglund
Michelle Hochrein
Rebecca Kanclerz
Kim Kaye-Small
Jackie Rosalez
Valerie Standley
Raffy Urgino

Finance Council

Sr. John Dominic
Donna England
Rev. John P Klein
Joseph Mahoney
Ricardo Rodriguiz
Tom Smith
Robert Spagnuolo
Mr Bryan Wallace
Ex-officio Members
George Landolt

Presbyteral Council

Rev. Robert Copeland
Rev. David W Harvey
Very Rev. David Hudgins J.C.L
Rev. Daniel Kogut
Rev. Timothy Nelson
Rev. Bosco Padamattummal
Rev. Jonathan Perrotta
Rev. Karl Pung
Rev. David M Reamsnyder
Rev. Msgr. Bernard L Reilly
Rev. Vincent Richardson
Rev. Carl A Simon
Rev. Mathias D Thelen
Dcn. Ken Preiss
Ex-officio Members
Most Reverend Earl Boyea
Very Rev. Timothy MacDonald

Priest Assignment Commission

Rev. Roy Horning
Rev. Timothy Nelson
Rev. Edward Fride
Rev. Todd Koenigsknecht
Rev. Steven Mattson
Rev. Paul Erickson
Rev. Robert Bacik
Rev. Mark Martin
Ex-officio Members
Most Reverend Earl Boyea

Priest Pension Board

Rev. John Byers
Rev. Brian Lenz
Rev. Timothy Nelson
Rev. David M Reamsnyder
Rev. Msgr. Bernard L Reilly
Rev. Ryan Riley
Ex-officio Members
Most Reverend Earl Boyea
George Landolt

Priestly Life and Ministry Committee

Rev. Karl Pung
Rev. Chas Canoy
Rev. Peter Clark
Rev. Lewis Eberhart
Rev. Jonathan Perrotta
Rev. John Rocus

Scout Committee

Brian Flynn
Chuck Krochmal
Dcn. Ray Ellingson
Dennis Hudson
Ed Fadden
Jennifer Striok
John Ingraham
Kris Krochmal
Louise Smith
Roger Frisosky
Roger Roty
Ron Garrison
Sarah Stroik

Worship Commission

Rev. Anthony J Strouse
Rev. George Daisy L.P.C.
Matt Eldred
Dcn. Thomas Fogle
Mary Malewitz
Dcn. Omar Odette
Julie Richards
Kelly Rizzo-McLain
Patricia Sherer
Robert Wolf
Ex-officio Members
Rev. Francis George
Michael Andrews

Young Adult Advisory Council

Chris Baker
Andrew Gallavan
Michael Hasso
Jacob Kanclerz
Jake Kanitz
David Ponce
Shannon Scherba
Chalan Munasinghe
Sadeepa Munasinghe
Ex-officio Members
Dawn Hausmann

Youth Advisory Committee

Adam Kahler
Alexander Nosbisch
Allison Ross
Andie Barber
Conor Urban
Emma Kehn
Kaitlyn Yeager
Kelly Bertoni
Nicholas Holmes
Renzo D'Alessandro
Tayler Guyeskey
Toni Waters
Troy Anderson
Ex-officio Members
Brian Flynn

Deacon Assistance Fund

Sherri Drayton
Dcn. Dan Foley
Dcn. Pat McDonald
Ex-officio Members
Dcn. Ken Preiss
George Landolt

Commission on Catholic Social Teaching

The Diocesan Commission on Catholic Social Teaching was established by Bishop Boyea to assist the bishop in his ministry to catechize all the baptized in the Diocese of Lansing on the principles of Catholic social teaching, advance the dignity of the human person, and to promote the common good of society. 

It serves as a resource to the diocesan curia and parishes, to coordinate local and diocesan-wide efforts promoting Catholic social teaching.

Meet the Commission Members