St. Vincent Catholic Charities

Serving Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties

Prayer Intentions

  • Pray for the safety of our staff still working on the front lines to meet the critical essential needs of our clients.
  • Pray for the children in our Children’s Home (40-bed residential facility) and in the foster care program:   all visits with their biological parents are being conducted via facetime, skype, zoom etc. now.  This is a very traumatic time for children who do not understand what is happening and why they can’t see their parents in person.  Prayers are needed for these children, many of which have been mentally, sexually and/or physically abused.
  • Pray for the children, families and individuals suffering from mental health problems—anxiety, depression, etc.—and from substance abuse addictions who have had their in-person counseling sessions interrupted.  Although most counseling sessions are now taking place via telehealth, some clients have informed us that they will resume services once they are able to meet in person.  Pray for all those suffering with these disorders.
  • Pray for the refugees—families and individuals—from more than 35 countries around the world who we have resettled in mid-Michigan.  They are from countries where their lives were threatened by civil wars and oppressive governments.  The health crisis and the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic have filled many of these families and individuals with great fear and anxiety for their personal health and safety.