Catholic Charities—Prayer Intentions and Needs

The Catholic Charities agencies in the Diocese of Lansing are the face, the hands and the feet of Jesus Christ in serving poor and vulnerable children, families and individuals in all ten (10) counties of our Diocese. Our Catholic Charities agencies do the Corporal and the Spiritual Works of Mercy serving everyone in need on behalf of all of us Catholics and our parishes. They serve everyone who comes to them seeking assistance, regardless of their faith or having no faith.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Stressing Families and Individuals The Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is creating greater needs and placing greater stress on families and individuals. Workers who are out of work are unable to buy food and pay rent and utilities. The shelter-in-place restrictions are creating stress in families and in marriages, with increasing anxiety, turning to addictions for comfort, and increasing domestic violence.

Our Catholic Charities agencies continue to serve poor and vulnerable children, families and individuals in need during the pandemic. In addition, the staff and the resources of our Catholic Charities agencies are being stretched by the stress and needs created by the pandemic.