Signs of a Call

Wondering if you have a call to Religious or some form of Consecrated life in which you are set apart for the Lord?  

Typically, God’s invitation to receive a calling is gentle with hints here and there that we can see if we reflect on the journey of our life to this point.  If He is calling you to a consecrated vocation, then patterns will reoccur in your life to lead you there and help you to trust that you are hearing God correctly.  Here are a few possible indications that you may have a call to consecrated life.  This is not an exhaustive list, but some thoughts to meditate on in prayer.

  • Strong attraction or desire to radically give your life to God and his Church.
  • Strong attraction or desire to prayer.
  • A sense that mere earthly existence is insufficient and you are drawn to something more.
  • Persistent prodding of the Holy Spirit to give undivided attention to the Lord, first, foremost, and above all.
  • Feeling that there is something more that you seek beyond the call of marriage as though marriage won’t be enough for you.  Not feeling the desire to give yourself exclusively to one but to many people.
  • A strong feeling of being called to a radical mission of God in service to His people. Desiring to give your life for the salvation of others especially because you love them in, through, and with your Beloved.
  • An attraction to the celibate vocations and a draw to associate with people in the priesthood, religious life, or in other forms of consecrated life.
  • A growing knowledge of the capacity to live the gift from God of life-long celibacy.
  • The thought of becoming a priest, religious, or consecrated person may come to mind again and again.

 Do you feel a sense of joy, peace, and purpose when you imagine living one of these callings?  Although fears may come and go at times, a greater pattern of peace will prevail with the desire to be a priest, religious, or consecrated person if it is your calling. If it is the Lord calling you to a vocation to consecrated life, I share the words repeated by John Paul II from Christ in the Scriptures, “Do not be afraid!”  

“…Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well”    Mt 6:33


If you have questions about discernment or would just like to speak to someone about practical tips and receive help regarding your own journey in discernment, give us a call or email us at the Vocation office.