Dcn. Miguel Colunga

My name is Miguel Colunga-Santoyo, and I’m a seminarian at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.  Born and raised in East Lansing, I’ve been a parishioner at St. Thomas Aquinas/St. John student center ever since I could remember.  Growing up, my family placed God and our faith as central to our lives, and this dedication to the Faith planted the seeds in my heart for the Lord to call me to Himself. Having experienced a deeper conversion of faith my freshmen year of high school, the Lord began to put the thought of the priesthood on my mind.  Yet, no matter how long time passed, I could never shake the idea of the priesthood, and there seemed nothing else for me to do after high school but to join the seminary. Though there were still many lingering doubts and worries, I can say both then and now that there has been no regrets in hearing and responding to God’s call to become His priest.  There have been numerous graces of healing and growth, and I thank God for them all!  Although there is much effort, sacrifice, and humility required to allow God to slowly transform your heart into His, there is absolutely no greater joy than to heed His call and to labor for love!  Nothing can beat this!  Never be afraid of taking the first step!  Do not miss the opportunity to receive abundantly from the Lord!  I praise God for all the good things He has done for me, and cannot wait to see what more lies in store for me, and for all of us who follow the Lord Jesus wherever He calls us! God Bless!

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