Name Title Department Phone
Colleen Andrews Fund Administrator and Executive Assistant The Catholic Foundation 517-253-8745
Michael Andrews Chancellor Office of the Bishop 517-342-2454
Susan Bartold Admin. Ass't / Ecclesiastical Notary Tribunal 517-342-2560
William Bloomfield General Counsel Office of the Bishop-Legal 517-342-2522
Most Reverend Earl Boyea Bishop Office of the Bishop 517-342-2452
Christine Bradley Regional Parish Accountant & Schools Financial Analyst Finance 517-388-4545
Lisa Brown Charitable Giving Advisor The Catholic Foundation 517-253-8738
Richard Budd Director, Marriage and Family Life Discipleship Formation-Marriage and Family Life 517-342-2471
Dcn. John Cameron J.C.L. Defender of the Bond Tribunal 517-342-2573
Rev. Michael Cassar Dept. Chair | Director of Seminarians Vocations-Seminarians 517-342-2507
Susana Chapa Vargas Director, Hispanic Ministry Outreach Ministry-Hispanic-Latino Ministry 517-342-2520
Rev. George Daisy L.P.C. Court Expert Tribunal 517-342-2560
Ms. Denise Dell'Acqua Admin. Office of Vocations & the Religious Delegate Vocations-Seminarians 517-342-2504
Dcn. Randy Desrochers Director, Diaconal Formation Vocations-Deacons/Diaconal Formation 517-342-2571
Katie Diller-Gleason Coordinator of Campus Ministry 517-337-9778 x133
Brian Epkey Director of Cemeteries Catholic Cemeteries 517-484-2500 ext. 104
Julie Fech Administrative Assistant to Bishop Boyea Office of the Bishop 517-342-2449
Brian Flynn Director, Parish Youth Discipleship Discipleship Formation-High School and Middle School Ministry 517-342-2584
Rev. David Fons J.C.L Judge Tribunal 517-342-2560
Peter Frahm Information Technology Manager Finance-Technology 517-342-2538
Julie Gill Donor Services Manager The Catholic Foundation 517-253-8741
Aimée Godfrey Director of Catholic Charities Catholic Charities 517-930-8517
Allison Gonser Regional Parish Accountant Finance 517-388-3245
Heidi J. Gonzales J.C.L. Moderator of the Tribunal Chancery and Judge Tribunal 517-342-2560
Joni Guenther Family Service Advisor - St. Joseph Cemetery, Lansing Catholic Cemeteries 517-484-2500 ext. 107
Dawn Hausmann Dir. of Consecrated Vocations| YA Ministry | Delegate for Consecrated Life Vocations-Consecrated Vocations 517-342-2506
Michelle Hildebrandt Creative Services Manager Graphic Design and Web Administrator Communications 517-342-2555
Matt Hufnagel President - The Catholic Foundation The Catholic Foundation 517-253-8748
Jenny Ingles Director, Fertility and Life Ministries Discipleship Formation-Natural Family Planning 517-342-2587
Theresa Johnson Accounts Receivable Finance-Accounting 517-342-2460
Kimberly Keefe Audit Manager Finance-Accounting 517-342-2443
David Kerr Director of Communications Communications 517-342-2517
Rev. Gary Koenigsknecht Priest Promoter Office of the Bishop-Mission Co-op Appeals
Amy Koski Accounting Specialist Finance-Accounting 517-342-2473
Lisa Kutas Chief of Staff & HR Director Office of the Bishop 517-342-2511
George Landolt Chief Finance Officer Finance 517-342-2448
Tori Licquia Administrative Assistant – New Calvary Cemetery, Flint Catholic Cemeteries 810-732-2620 ext. 103
Tom Maloney Superintendent of Schools Education-Catholic Schools 517-342-2483
Msgr. George Michalek J.C.L. Judicial Vicar Tribunal-Archives 517-342-2560
Rev. Michael Murray 517-349-1763
Bianca Murray Admin. to Chief of Staff | Legal | Communications Office of the Bishop-Communications 517-342-2501
Cheryl Olsen Admin. | Office of CEO & Finance Department Finance-Catechesis 517-342-2556
Alan Olsen Director of Building and Property Management Finance-Property Management 517-342-2534
Kathleen Ostrowski Accounts Payable Finance-Accounting 517-342-2444
Isaac Owen Development Officer The Catholic Foundation 517-253-8742
Dcn. Gary Perrydore Associate Dir. Diaconal Formation Vocations-Deacons/Diaconal Formation 517-898-1109
Craig Pohl Director of New Evangelization New Evangelization-Intercessory Ministry 517-342-2509
Grace Porter Administrative Assistant New Evangelization-Intercessory Ministry 517-342-2541
Kim Poupard Director of Accounting Finance-Accounting 517-342-2533
Dcn. Ken Preiss Director, Permanent Diaconate | Prisoner Outreach Ministry Vocations-Deacons/Diaconal Formation 517-342-2451
Jeremy Priest Director, Office of Worship & Dept. Chair, Discipleship Formation Office of the Bishop-Worship 517-342-2476
Alyson Remy Family Service Advisor - New Calvary Cemetery, Flint Catholic Cemeteries 810-732-2620 ext. 101
Matt Riedl Multimedia Journalist Communications 517-342-2562
Kathy Risher Admin. Asst | Diocesan Receptionist Finance-Property Management 517-342-2440
Kathy Ruddock Admin. Assistant - Department of Education Education 517-342-2482
Sarah Salow Associate Superintendent Education 517-342-2481
Bert Schomberger St Francis Retreat Ctr - Program Director 517-388-5291
Linda Skiba Admin. Assistant/Ecclesiastical Notary Tribunal 517-342-2560
Rev. Nathaniel Sokol J.C.L. Adjunct Judicial Vicar Tribunal 517-342-2560
Reba Sommer Safe Environment Director Human Resources-Office of Child and Youth Protection 517-342-2551
Nicole Strong Regional Parish Accountant Finance 517-243-9233
Rebecca Swift HR Generalist Human Resources 517-342-2502
Lisa Veenstra, LMSW Victim Assistance Coordinator Human Resources-Office of Child and Youth Protection 1-888-308-6252
Rev. John Whitlock Pastor
Mandy Wildern Associate Superintendent Education 517-342-2456