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Important Information on Mission Appeals

Summer Appeal

Frequently asked questions from parishes regarding the "Summer Appeal", which each parish has been assigned.

Q: Where does the collection go once it is complete? 

The collection is to be recorded at the parish and then forwarded by check within 30 days.  The check is to be made payable to the Diocese of Lansing and sent to: Diocese of Lansing; ATTN: Accounts Receivable, 228 North Walnut Street; Lansing, MI, 48933.

Q: Where does the missionary stay? 

The missionary and the pastor of the parish are to make these arrangements.

Q: Does the parish have to provide a stipend? 

It is not necessary to give a stipend as they are here to give an appeal.  However, it is up to the parish to decide if they would like to give one...or a meal, etc.

Q: Can the missionary use their own envelopes? 

No, the missionary may not provide any envelopes of any kind.  The parish can hold a second collection and keep it separate or the parish can provide their own generic envelope with the parish name on it; or labeled "Summer Appeal" or "Missionary Cooperative Appeal".  Some parishes order these envelopes with their parishioner's weekly envelopes.

Q: Can the missionary priest assist in confessions?

Yes, at the discretion of the parish priest.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Mission Office. This can be done by calling 517-342-2510 or sending an email to  missions@dioceseoflansing.org.

Thank you for your time and continued support regarding the missionary activity within the Diocese of Lansing and abroad.

Diocese of Lansing, Mission Office
228 North Walnut Street
Lansing, Michigan 48933-1577