Mission Co-op Appeals (MCA)

Each year, parishes in the Diocese of Lansing are asked to host a speaker from a Mission Diocese, Organization or an Order involved in overseas missions.  Our MCA Season runs from May 1- September 30 and has several purposes.  First it provides opportunities for prayer and financial support of the poorest people throughout the world. Evangelization is a primary aspect of the Mission Groups. The care and feeding of these men, women and children opens their hearts to understanding that they too are children of God.  Some organizations and dioceses use a portion of the donations for the formation of seminarians and catechists and care of priests.  The MCA also allows those who live and work in parts of the world that most of us will never visit, to educate us and to help us live out our baptismal call.

Every year over 200 requests to speak are sent to the Office of Missions. The decision of who to accept is a difficult one that the Mission Advisory Board takes seriously. Please see the list of currently vetted and approved groups listed under Resources on the sidebar.  Or read some of the letters from the Speakers about what good works have come about due to our parishioners generosity.     

At the end of the season we ask both the Diocesan pastors and the Mission groups to complete an evaluation of how the Appeal went and what we can do to make the experience better for all.

Requests for inclusion into the  MISSION CO-OP APPEAL (MCA) 

The time allowed for acceptance has closed for Summer 2019.  All 2019 assignments have been sent to parishes and Mission groups.
Letters of request for MCA 2020 will be accepted from now - November 1, 2019.  If your Mission Diocese, Mission Group, or Organization would like to be considered  please mail to the address below. The information must be on letterhead and include the items below. A new letter must be sent each year that you are requesting inclusion.
  • Name of Diocese, Group or Mission
  • Name, email address and information of contact person and superior
  • Description of any and all purposes for the appeal (ongoing programs, formation, natural disaster damage, building construction, orphans, etc.)
  • How many appeals that you are available/interested in doing during the MCA season (May 1 - September 30) choose 1-4
  • Where the speaker(s) will be traveling from
  • If you also have speakers that are fluent in Spanish or Vietnamese.  It is assumed that your speaker can communicate clearly in English and has prior experience doing appeals.
  • Website address if applicable. 

Mail to:
Diocese of Lansing
Office of Mission  
228 N. Walnut
Lansing, MI 48933 


Important Information on Mission Appeals

National and Special Collection dates

2019 National Collection Dates