Victim Assistance Coordinator

The Diocese of Lansing employs a Victim Assistance Coordinator to provide support and assistance to individuals who have been abused by clergy.  

Individuals are encouraged to report clergy sexual abuse of minors directly to law enforcement, even if the abuse happened many years ago.

Individuals can contact  Lisa Veenstra, LMSW, the Diocese Victim Assistance Coordinator, to report abuse. Even if it occurred many years ago.

Toll-free:  888-308-6252

The Diocese of Lansing reports all complaints that are received to law enforcement.  Reports are made to County prosecutors in the six counties of the Diocese and to the Michigan Attorney General.

If you have been abused by a Bishop, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has launched the Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting System (CBAR). Information about this can be found at this link.

USCCB Victim Assistance Coordinators Around the US

USCCB The Challenges and Rewards of Victim Assistance Coordinators

A Message to Victims of abuse by church personnel:

In addition to assisting you in reporting the abuse that you experienced, we will support you in understanding the processes for investigation and review of the reports.

It is difficult to come forward and report abuse, we recognize that often victims of abuse may feel overwhelmed with dread, hurt, anger and betrayal. Relationships may have also been impacted because of the abuse. It can be difficult to trust the Church. Our Victim Assistance program provides support for healing emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The Victim Assistance Coordinator will support you in your healing journey. This can include obtaining counseling/therapy and other healing resources as well as participating in healing retreats.