Help Spread the Faith

Help Spread the FAITH - Sept. 29-30, 2018

The Help Spread the FAITH Appeal makes our own local evangelization efforts, like FAITH magazine and the televised Outreach Mass, possible.

Bishop Earl Boyea believes that FAITH has been an important part of our evangelization plan. FAITH magazine is sent to your home and every Catholic home each month by our parishes and diocese. Many of our fellow Catholics have become disconnected from the life of the Church, and Bishop Boyea believes that FAITH has been the best way to reach out to them. In addition to FAITH magazine, our diocese continues to evangelize with interactive Websites, weekly television Masses, the U.S. bishops’ national efforts and local parish initiatives. 


By supporting the Help Spread the FAITH Appeal, you will help us continue to answer Christ’s call to reach out with the Gospel message.

Your gift to Help Spread the FAITH will support:

  • FAITH magazine: a monthly magazine sent to you and every Catholic in the diocese – 70,000 homes.
  • an interactive online resource with daily changing content.
  • Television Outreach Mass: a weekly broadcast of the Diocese of Lansing.
  • U.S. bishops’ national evangelization efforts: impacting the media and our society.
  • FAITHpub app: Free iPhone/iPad mobile apps.

Christ called us to proclaim the Gospel from the mountaintop. In today’s society, that is a big challenge. We all know the power of the media. With your support, we can use that power to reach out with a positive message – a message that we belong to someone – Jesus. Thank you for your consideration.

To Help Spread the FAITH by mail, simply download the form, print it, and mail to:

Mail with payment to:
Help Spread the FAITH Appeal
FAITH Catholic
1500 E. Saginaw St.
Lansing, MI 48906