Watch: Podcast #27: Realign Resources for Mission Update w/ Father Chas Canoy

This week the Diocese of Lansing has launched a new weekly e-mail update charting the progress of the Realign Resources for Mission process in order to keep the people of the diocese both informed and, hopefully, involved too. To receive the weekly e-mail just click here and sign-up.

But what is Realign Resources for Mission? Why is it necessary? What stage has the process now reached? Where does it go from here? They are just some of the questions asked in this Diocese of Lansing to Father Chas Canoy, Pastor of Saint John the Evangelist in Jackson and a member of the Realign Resources for Mission committee. Asking the questions is the diocesan Director of Communications, David Kerr.

* Diocese of Lansing Podcast #27. Recorded May 4, 2021.