Making Disciples 201 Seminar


Hosted by Diocese of Lansing
As leaders, we need to think through, in advance, how to help all in our parish to negotiate the journey to mature discipleship. The issues at stake are extraordinarily high for individuals, for the Christian community, for the Church, and for the world.

Making Disciples 201 builds off MD 101 and is focused on the kerygma, the core message of Jesus: who was he, why did he come, what did he do…and why does it matter for me? The rub is, to paraphrase Scripture, who has ‘ears to hear’ the kerygma today, in our time and place, inside and outside the parish walls? What are the obstacles that deafen 21st century seekers to the kerygma…including ourselves?

During this seminar, you will spend three days (April 17 - 19, 2024) with other leaders within the Diocese of Lansing as we wrestle with these challenges to us as 21st century evangelizers today. Challenges that will call us to: cultural transformation in the parish and out in the world; And, especially, conversion of our hearts and the hearts of seekers that all may truly have ears to hear the Great Story of Jesus.

This seminar will be led by internationally sought after speaker and author, Sherry Weddell, accompanied by Katherine Coolidge from Catherine of Siena Institute. Craig Pohl, Director of Evangelization for the Diocese of Lansing will serve to facilitate the seminar. Mass and sacraments will be celebrated.

This 3-day seminar takes place in the Retreat House on the grounds of St. Francis Retreat Center, DeWitt. Each private sleeping room in the Retreat House has a twin bed, desk, chair, and sink. Some rooms share a connecting bathroom, others will use a community bathroom down the hall. The retreat center provides bed linens, pillows and towels.

Schedule: (see below for specific topics that will be covered each day)
Day 1 (Wed, April 17): Begin at 3 p.m. / End by 8:30 p.m.
Day 2 (Thurs, April 18): Begin at 9 a.m. / End by 8:30 p.m. (Mass with Msgr. Reilly)
Day 3 (Fri, April 19): Begin 9 a.m. / End by Noon (Mass with Bishop Boyea)

Day 1 Topics:
Making Disciples 101 Recap
Recall: Our Most Immediate Task- 
Moving from Trust and Curiosity to Openness and Beyond: What does it take?
Our Reality Updated for 2024
The Call to an “Outward Face”
Moving Toward an “Outward Face”: Components of Culture Transformation and Their Implications

Day 2 Topics:
Pre-Evangelization ad intra and ad extra: “So that they may have ears to hear”
“First” Proclamation for Our Reality in 2024: He who we proclaim: Jesus Christ!
Great Story of Jesus in Three Movements
To Break Spiritual Suppression and Remove Spiritual Obstacles: Intercessory Prayer as Jesus Taught Us

Day 3 Topics:
Process Exercise: Your Next Steps
Summery, Debrief, Final Thoughts

Cost to attend for Diocese of Lansing parish leaders:
$200 Individual (includes single occupancy lodging at St. Francis Retreat Center)
Registration fee includes all materials, lodging and meals.
$100 Commuter
Registration fee includes all materials and meals.

We are only able to keep registration costs this low because of the generous support of Bishop Boyea and donations from the good people of the Diocese of Lansing.

Please Note: This is an intensive training designed for those who are involved in the work of evangelization and disciple-making in their parish, diocese, or apostolate. The content presumes you have taken the prerequisite seminar; “Making Disciples 101”.