Catholic Identity

Maintaining a tradition of Catholic Identity

Catholic cemeteries adopt rules and regulations for the good order of the cemetery, the benefit of lot holders, and the preservation of the identity of the Catholic Cemetery.  Cemetery regulations are similar to local zoning ordinances.  Zoning ordinances to preserve the character of a neighborhood by restricting the types and uses of structures.

Cemetery regulations work the same way – to preserve the appearance and character of the ground that means so much to so many people.  Grave decorations honor all those buried in a Catholic cemetery.  There is no honor or respect if there is no beauty, order or neatness.

The rules of the Diocese of Lansing Cemeteries were written to provide a just and fair environment consistent with our mission as a corporal work of mercy.  Rules and regulations of a cemetery reflect the church itself and thus must be tempered with charity, justice, and fairness. 

The cemetery rules and regulations are not designed to unduly restrict, restrain, or regiment the rights of anyone in the full enjoyment of our Catholic cemetery, but orderly business procedures are necessary in the development of sound cemetery operation, which is in the best interest of all who have burial privileges in the cemetery.  Federal, state, and local laws along with insurance regulations also determine some rules for Catholic cemeteries.

Diocesan Cemeteries operate with standardized rules and regulations, policies and prices. Download a copy of the Summary of the Rules and Regulations of Diocese of Lansing Cemeteries.