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Offices and Ministries

Most Reverend Earl Boyea is the bishop of the Diocese of Lansing. His pastoral letter, Go and Announce the Gospel of the Lord lays out a plan for evangelization in the diocese.
Catholic Charities agencies provide services to meet various needs, including adoption, counseling, senior services, food banks and more.
The foundation promotes the Church's spiritual, educational and charitable mission to secure the future of our parishes, schools, and Catholic organizations.
If you have lost a loved one, please contact us for assistance in planning a funeral, arranging burial, and support throughout the process of grieving.
Witness the Difference a Catholic school education can make for your child.
A resource for pastors and youth ministers who wish to start or enhance their youth ministry program.
If you believe God is calling you to serve the Church in a lay ministry role, we can provide you with information and guidance.
If you are looking for employment at the Diocese of Lansing, or have questions about personnel services, click here.
The Diocese of Lansing is on fire for Christ! Become a disciple, or strengthen your commitment to the Lord.
If you have questions about annulments or other Church judicial matters, the Tribunal can assist you.
The Office of Vocations provides information and guidance about the priesthood, diaconate or consecrated life.
Marriage is a sacred vocation. Resources for preparation for the sacrament of matrimony, strengthening your marriage and healing troubled marriages.
If you have been abused or victimized by someone representing the Catholic Church, the victim assistance coordinator can help.
Sign up for our diocesan e-news, contact the director of communications, or view the Outreach Mass. Diocese of Lansing Communications can help you find the information you need.
Stories of faith from everyday people, columns that inspire and teach, special reports that inform – FAITH magazine helps the Diocese of Lansing evangelize with content.
Stewardship of the Church’s resources is a sacred trust. If you have questions about the diocese’s finances or properties, please contact us.