Overview of NFP Methods

The chart below is intended to help couples find an NFP method that fits their needs. If you have questions, then please contact Jenny Ingles for more information. 

  Billings Ovulation Method Couple to Couple League Creighton Model FertilityCare
Effectivness Rate* 99.5% >99% 99.5%
Can be used to Avoid Pregnancy Yes Yes


Can be used to Achieve Pregnancy Yes Yes Yes
Number of Biomarkers used 1 2-3 1
Can be used with irregular cycle lengths Yes Yes Yes
Can be used with PCOS Yes No Yes
Can be used with Infertility No** No Yes
Can be used in Perimenopause Yes Yes Yes
Can be used with Breastfeeding Yes Yes Yes
Can be used by women who have irregular waking times Yes No Yes
Can be learned Online Yes Yes No
Average length of time before system mastery 6 Hourst 6 Hourst 7 Hourst
Charting App available Yes Yes No
Used by NaProTECHNOLOGY No No Yes

*The Effectiveness Rate for each method is the Theoretical Use Effectiveness Rate.  For more information about how the effectiveness rate is determined for each method, click on the effectiveness rate in the box.

** Can be used with infertility that is caused by PCOS

t Training is broken up into sessions