What Does the Catholic Church Teach About In Vitro Fertilization?

Video Produced by the Office of Marriage and Family Life Ministry

NaPro Technology

NaPro Technology could provide the answer you're looking for. It has a higher success rate than IVF, is generally more cost effective, and completely respects the dignity of the human person.

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Contact our Office of Natural Family Planning (NFP)

We have a dedicated office at the diocese dedicated to helping people find the answers to understanding their fertility and getting them connected with the people and resources they need to make decisions regarding having a child. Contact our Coordinator of NFP today!

NFP Teachers Who Can Help

In the Lansing area: 
Rita Johnson

In the Williamston area: 
Jenny Ingles

In the Hillsdale area: 
Emma King

Practicing NaPro Doctors in Our Diocese

In the Ann Arbor area: 
Stephen Hickner