Saint Joseph Catholic School in Howell celebrates 80th anniversary

Here are some great images capturing Saint Joseph Catholic School in Howell celebrating their 80th anniversary this month.

“The school had fun activities to celebrate throughout our anniversary week,” said School Principal, Renee Hornby, September 16.

“There was ‘80 reasons to love our school’; dress as an 80-year-old and 80 minutes of community service. Teachers tied in classroom instruction to include 80 as part of the lesson.”

“On the actual date of the anniversary, September 9, the decision was made to invite any and all students from their 80-year history to a Mass to celebrate our anniversary. It was amazing to see students from across the years and one family had three generations of students in attendance!”

Congratulations to the students, staff and families of Saint Joseph School. Ad multos annos! Saint Joseph, pray for them!

• If you are interested in learning more about Saint Joseph Catholic School, please contact Renee Hornby at 517-546-0090 ext. 200 or email her at