Read: Well done good and faithful servant | Tim DeWitt announces his retirement from Jackson Catholic Schools

Thank you, good luck and God bless to Mr. Tim DeWitt, pictured, who today has announced his intention to retire in July after four years as Executive Director of Jackson Catholic Schools and President of Lumen Christi Catholic School. Well done good and faithful servant! (cf. Matthew 25:23).

“My time is coming to an end here at Jackson Catholic Schools. I have often said, ‘This is the hardest job I have ever had but the most rewarding.’ To have had the opportunity to answer the call of my faith and put it into action has been incredibly rewarding and humbling,” said Mr. DeWitt, May 31,

“I have been given the gift of working alongside the most amazing, dedicated, and faith-filled individuals who tirelessly hold true to the truth of Jesus Christ.”

Over the past four years Tim DeWitt has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of Jackson Catholic Schools including overseeing the unification of a city-wide Catholic school system which includes Lumen Christi Catholic School; Queen of the Miraculous Medal School; Saint John the Evangelist School; and Saint Mary Star of the Sea School. One of his most visible legacies is the addition of a 16-foot crucifix, set upon a seven-foot pedestal, at the heart of the Lumen Christi campus.

“The progress we have witnessed under Tim’s leadership is astounding. We have seen increased enrollment, tighter financial controls, building and classroom improvements, and a historic restructuring of our teacher pay system, just to name a few," says Jackson Catholic Schools Board President, Brian Richmond.

“Where once stood separate, autonomous schools, we now have a system called Jackson Catholic Schools or JCS. His leadership was instrumental in improving structure and consistency while encouraging each school to keep its unique and special culture. Tim did all of this while proudly exclaiming his love for Christ. His positive impact on JCS cannot be overstated.”

In his farewell remarks, Mr. DeWitt thanked all those who had helped him over the past four years including a particular expression of gratitude for his wife.

“Not to be cliché, but it’s time to pay attention to the most important person in my life, my wife Colleen,” he said, “I could have never gone forward without her support and the constant reminder she whispered in my ear, ‘Jesus Christ has your back’.”

The search for Mr. DeWitt’s replacement has already commenced, with an application deadline of July 1, 2024. After his retirement on July 31, Mr. DeWitt says he plans to assist the JCS Leadership Team wherever necessary to ensure a seamless transition and maintain the school’s upward trajectory.

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