Read: Sunnie days ahead for Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County

Welcome to Sunnie Johnson-Lain, the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County.

“There is undoubtedly a great need for the many services that we provide but with God’s grace, and the continued support of our community, I firmly believe that we can continue to grow so as to bring the love of Jesus Christ to those across Washtenaw County who are in most need of our help,” said Sunnie, May 10.

“At the same time, we also hope to prayerfully discern new and relevant ways to meet emerging needs, always with the same care and quality that Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County is well known for.”

For over 60 years, Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County has offered care that honors the dignity of the human person. The array of services provide includes behavioral health services; senior services; adoption and foster care; food assistance; and services to persons who have been incarcerated. Catholic Social Services of Washtenew County seeks to share Christ’s love and presence through acts of compassion and mercy.

“The support of our Catholic community here in Washtenaw County is inspiring,” said Sunnie, “We see our mission as one that is shared by all Catholics. I am eager to walk alongside our parishes and schools to further strengthen our collaboration as a network of faithful disciples, working together to serve our brothers and sisters in need.”

Sunnie Johnson-Lain comes to Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County with over 15 years of experience with Catholic nonprofits. She has expertise in leading social services; parish-based outreach; workforce development; and re-entry functions; as well as strategic planning and stewardship efforts.

Most recently Sunnie served as the Chief Services and Strategy Officer for St. Vincent de Paul-Cincinnati in Ohio. There she oversaw a significant expansion of the organization’s services. She describes her life’s work as “helping others to grow in their faith through service”.

Sunnie’s educational background has also equipped her for her new role. A graduate in Theology from Saint Joseph University in Connecticut, she has subsequently also gained qualifications in Lay Pastoral Ministry from the University of Dayton and Values-Based Leadership from DePaul University of Chicago. At a personal level, Sunnie is married to Douglas and is mother to a son and daughter, Neal and Faye.

“We are truly blessed to have Sunnie at the helm of Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County,” said the organization’s board chair, Jay Hughes.

“In terms of her educational, professional and personal background she is a perfect fit, a Godsend if you like, but much more importantly, Sunnie is a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and his Holy Church. It is that fact, I am sure, that will help her and our organization to flourish in the months and years to come.”

Sunnie takes over as President and Chief Executive Officer from Peg Bravo who served in the role for six years.

“I am incredibly grateful to Peg Bravo for her leadership,” said Sunnie, “Catholic Social Services of Washtenew County is well positioned to continue to grow and thrive because of her work and thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers who work together to serve with passion and excellence every day”.

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