Read: Jackson honors Our Eucharistic Lord | Corpus Christi 2024

Thank you to photographer Valerie Hendrickson for capturing these stunning images of Sunday’s Corpus Christi procession in Jackson as the city’s parishes and schools gathered at Lumen Christi Catholic School in order to honor Our Blessed Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Ave verum corpus!

“It was a wonderful occasion, thanks be to God, and thanks also to all the faithful who took part in such a prayerful, joyful and reverent fashion,” said Father Tim MacDonald, pastor of Queen of the Miraculous Medal parish and Dean of the Jackson Deanery, June 4.

“We wanted to do something bigger upon Corpus Christi this year to honor the ongoing nationwide Eucharistic revival which includes the national Eucharistic processions that are presently making their way to the forthcoming Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis. By the grace of God, I think we achieved that.”

Sunday’s procession saw significant numbers of the faithful turn out from the four parishes that make up the Jackson grouping of parishes, as well as children from the Jackson Catholic Schools, the Jackson homeschool community, and the local Chesterton Academy.

Led by Our Lord carried aloft in the monstrance, pilgrims made their way around the grounds of Lumen Christi’s sports fields towards four decorated altars where they paused on each occasion to kneel and reverence the Blessed Sacrament. The Eucharistic procession was preceded by children who had recently made their First Holy Communion. They both rang bells and scattered petals along the route.

Presiding over the occasion was Father Brian Lenz who has served as chaplain to Lumen Christi for the past six years but who is moving on next month to become pastor of Saint Robert Bellarmine Parish, Flushing, and Good Shepherd, Montrose. Father Lenz both carried the monstrance during the Eucharistic procession and preached during Solemn Benediction.