Read: How You & Anne Help the Suffering Church

Anne Rivet coordinates the Diocese of Lansing’s Annual Mission Cooperative Appeal which relies upon your prayers and financial support to help Catholic missionaries in parts of the world where, very often, the Church is impoverished or persecuted.

“I remember talking to the bishop one particular time and asking him his vision for what I should be doing – he told me that the appeals are one time a year when we really connect with the universal Church – when we can clearly see all people as our brothers and sisters in Christ,” says Anne in an interview with this month’s FAITH Magazine, the official publication of the Diocese of Lansing.

“So, the goal of my ministry is to help others see people around the world as Catholics in the Church with us, and to understand how extraordinary that is.”

Anne has been coordinating the Mission Cooperative Appeal for the past decade. She explains to FAITH how she views her role much more as an apostolate than merely a job.

“What we collect money for is really the ability to evangelize and to respond to the command of Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations,” says Anne.

“Priests around the world and the people of God need to be served. And we are responsible for our brothers and sisters. People are hungry for the Eucharist, people are hungry for God. We can help.”

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