Deb Amato named to USCCB National Advisory Council

Deb Amato, Director of the Diocese of Lansing Central Service Department of Evangelization and Lay Formation, has been named to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' National Advisory Council. 

Less formally referred to as the National Advisory Council (NAC), it was formed by the U.S. Bishops just three years after the close of Vatican II. The Council includes bishops, priests, women and men religious, permanent deacons and laity. The resulting Council has been described as "the Church in miniature" not only because of its racial, ethnic, occupational and geographic diversity, but also because it often reflects the tensions within the Church

NAC was formed to serve as a continuing instrument of understanding and unity in assisting the bishops of the United States in their apostolic service to Christ's Church by: a) Being reactive to the Action Items and Information Reports from the standing and ad hoc committees and task forces and their respective Secretariats, Departments and Offices of the USCCB which may be submitted by the Administrative Committee for study and comment; b) Being reactive and advisory to the Administrative Committee through the General Secretary on all other matters which may be referred to NAC by the general membership and by the Administrative Committee for its consideration; c) Being proactive and advisory to the Administrative Committee with respect to any other matters which NAC determines to be of such importance to the Church as to warrant consideration and action.