New Evangelization Grant Program

The 2012 Pastoral Letter of Bishop Earl Boyea and the three subsequent Diocesan Assemblies distinctly called upon the Church of the Diocese of Lansing to form communities of Missionary Disciples who go announce the Gospel of the Lord. 

Inspired by this call, the Diocese of Lansing is committed to supporting parish programs and activities that would further advance the formation of disciples. Through the generosity of donors who gave to the Witness to Hope Capital Campaign, Bishop Boyea was able to begin offering a program of New Evangelization Grants to financially assist parishes in these efforts. New Evangelization Grants are available to support parish programs and initiates that address one or more of the following: Intercessory Prayer, Discipleship Groups, Encounter Opportunities, Welcoming Environments, and Outreach (to fallen away Catholics and the unchurched).

The process to apply for a New Evangelization Grant includes:

  1. Online Application: A parish must request grant funding by submitting an online application to the Director of New Evangelization. This process includes providing a case statement with basic information about the program or initiative (who?/what?/where?/when?/how?/why?/how much?) and explaining how it will further Missionary Discipleship.

    1. The parish may append supplemental materials with its application, but the case statement itself must provide a clear explanation of the program or initiative as well as a projected budget.

    2. A parish can request multiple grants within a fiscal year; however, a separate application must be submitted per program or initiative.

  2. Approved Funding: If a grant request is approved, the Diocese will provide the parish with up to 50% of the remaining overall costs after all income and expenses, not to exceed a maximum diocesan outlay of $5,000 per parish within a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). 

    1. Funds will be disbursed to the parish via check for the approved amount only upon the Director of New Evangelization receiving a detailed accounting of all final income and expenses, including itemized receipts, applicable to the program or initiative.

    2. Grant funds are limited each year and the program will only continue until funds are expended.

  3. Application Review: The Diocese will attempt to review and respond to all grant requests within two weeks of receiving a completed online application. 

  4. Final Parish Report: No later than six months after the program or initiative has concluded, the parish must submit to the Director of New Evangelization the accounting of all final income and expenses as well as a a final report explaining how the grant funds were spent and if you believe the program or initiative succeeded in furthering Missionary Discipleship in the parish.  This final report need not be extensive but should clearly state the measure(s) by which the parish determined success. Photos (with captions) are also appreciated, if available.

The New Evangelization Grant program will be evaluated each Spring to determine whether it is feasible to be continued and, if so, at what funding level.

Parishes can apply HERE (

Questions regarding the New Evangelization Grant Program can be directed to: 
Craig Pohl, Diocesan Director of New Evangelization