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The DOLdata website ( < DOL = Diocese of Lansing > is dedicated to assisting parishes in providing information to the Diocese of Lansing. The site eliminates the time-consuming paper data collection process for religious education, annual financial reports, parish statistics, and more. The site is an easy way to access parish resources such as bulletin art and parish web site content.
An essential section of the doldata parish site is the listing of parish staff and councils. This is the only place in which parish staff contact information is collected for the online diocesan directory. The accuracy of the online directory is dependent on the parish. It is very important that this section be reviewed, maintained and updated on a regular basis.
Each parish should have at least one doldata administrator. If you would like access to doldata, please contact your parish administrator.
If you need assistance, please contact

Engagement/Discipleship Resources

As part of an effort to assist our people, specifically in the Diocese of Lansing, grow closer to Jesus Christ by increasing their engagement in parishes and to reverse decades of decline in Mass attendance and reception of Sacraments, FAITH Catholic compiled research on encounter opportunities, or engagement/discipleship/stewardship programs. This research was originally published in December 2011 as an appendix to Feed My Sheep: A Vision for Evangelization, Engagement and Discipleship
There is considerable variation in the scope and scale of programs and initiatives. 
In terms of scope, some programs focus on educating parishioners about their faith and promoting faith-sharing groups with trained lay leaders, while others reach out to inactive Catholics. Many programs emphasize renewing the faith and commitment of parishioners through parish missions, speakers, and communication materials. 
In terms of scale, a parish can opt to order DVDs or books from an organization and take it from there or, conversely, can choose to hire a full-service organization that will provide customized services to enhance engagement/discipleship/stewardship.
Offers a DVD series of 10 interactive sessions for inactive Catholics and also meant to re-evangelize active members. It is recommended for group leaders to attend conference before leading the program. For more information and cost, visit and;
CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration)
Part of Catholic Evangelisation Services in the United Kingdom, CaFE offers parish missions and retreats led by David Payne, Steve Murray, Jenny Baker and Tim Stevens. Durations range from 1 evening to 5-day missions.
CaFE also offers DVDs narrated by David Payne.  Believe is a 6-part DVD series on the Creed, and Knowing God offers 7 talks on DVD.
For more information and costs, visit;
Catherine of Siena Institute
Located in the Western Dominican Province in Oakland, California, Catherine of Siena Institute offers several programs for parishes. The first is Called & Gifted, a three-part discernment process intended to help lay Catholics discern their charisms. Steps consist of (1) workshop (which parishes host), (2) personal gifts interview, and (3) discernment in depth. Workshop is main element of program, 2nd and 3rd steps are completed on an individual basis. Workshops run Friday evening and Saturday (2 presenters, 6 hours of content). 
Making Disciples is a four-day (or 2-weekend) workshop that trains parish leaders to foster awakening of personal faith and intentional discipleship. Training can be tailored to focus on RCIA, stewardship, campus ministry, etc.
Parish missions have themes such as stewardship, discernment of gifts, prayer, and involvement in local parish. Deacon Mark Cesnik (OP) will preach at weekend Masses prior to Mission. For more information and cost, go to
Catholic Stewardship Consultants, Inc., Evans, Ga. 
This consulting firm provides customized stewardship services with focus on stewardship spirituality and education of parish leaders and parishioners. They follow the example of Msgr. Thomas McGread from Wichita. For more information, visit
Catholics Come Home, Roswell, Ga. 
Catholics Come Home offers a series of 3 high quality television commercials for new evangelization. Reaches out to inactive Catholics and reinforces committed Catholics. For more information, visit 
Christ Renews His Parish
A copyrighted parish renewal process begun in 1969 and recommended by USCCB. Parishioners go on Christ Renews His Parish retreat, become part of a team that hosts retreat weekend in own parish. One-time licensing fee. For more information, visit
ChristLife Catholic Ministry for Evangelization
Discovering Christ, Following Christ, Sharing Christ is a three-part program of evangelization that begins with a training conference for parish leaders to implement the program. Offered as three programs lasting 7 weeks. For more information, visit
Cunneen Fundraising, Hamden, Conn. 
The Parish Cornerstone Program helps dioceses build stronger, more financially secure churches. Offerings include: (1) Offertory enhancement, (2) Capital campaigns, (3) Diocesan solutions, (4) Community engagement. For more information, visit; 
An initiative of The Dynamic Catholic Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio, that seeks to develop Catholic learning systems to engage/re-engage Catholics. Institute also sponsors Matthew Kelly as a speaker. The program Decision Point is a Unique Confirmation prep program, available for free as part of the institute’s Catholic Moments program. 
The Dynamic Catholic Parish Book Program allows churches/dioceses to buy books at low cost and distribute them to parishioners. Featured titles include:
Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly
The Four Signs of A Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly
Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission by John R. Wood
Finding True Happiness by Fulton Sheen
Everybody Needs To Forgive Somebody by Allen R. Hunt
Life’s Greatest Lesson by Allen R. Hunt
The Real Story by Curtis Martin and Dr. Edward Sri
The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality by Matthew Kelly
Becoming the Best Version of Yourself by Matthew Kelly
For more information and cost, visit;
Gallup Faith Resources
The ME25  (Member Engagement Survey) is a full-service program of measuring parish engagement and helping parishes identify areas on which to focus in order to increase engagement. Results tabulated by Gallup and report provided.
Member Engagement Impact Planning allows Gallup experts to create a plan of action for your parish or congregation by reviewing the results of your Member Engagement Survey. Available through a one-hour telephone conversation, three-hour webinar session, or on-site Gallup expert. For more information and cost, visit
Institute for World Evangelisation-ICPE Mission 
The International Catholic Evangelisation Programme, headquartered in Germany, offers a three-evening seminar on such themes as “Becoming a More Welcoming Parish,” Advent or Lent Preparation, and “Call for Holiness, Prayer, etc.” Additionally, teams visit selected parishioners in their homes. ICPE team will spend a portion of a week in a parish and may want to stay with parish families. For more information and cost, visit;
Lighthouse Catholic Media
This not-for-profit corporation out of Sycamore, Illinois offers The Next Generation Kiosk, a display of Catholic audio CDs, books and booklets. Includes a display stand, 160 CDs, 24 books, and 25 booklets. For more information and cost, visit;
National Cursillo Center, Jarrell, Tex. 
Cursillo begins with three-day weekend to empower the attendee to become a Christian leader in his/her environment. The movement’s approach is that evangelization is a very natural act of being Christ-like in daily activities. Follow-up in small faith sharing groups. For more information, visit;
Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association
Based out of Washington, D.C., the Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association offers Awakening Faith, Reconnecting with your Catholic Faith, a program aimed at inactive Catholics. Offered in 6 sessions of small group discussions on topics such as “Spirituality: What’s the Buzz?”
Living the Eucharist is a Lenten renewal experience for parishes. It fosters spiritual growth and discipleship in small group discussions and strategies for parishes to invite inactive members back. 
For more information and cost, visit;
The Reason for Our Hope Foundation, Erie, Pa. 
The title of this organization comes from 1 Peter 3:15: “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.” Father Larry Richards will come to parish from Sunday-Wednesday or Monday-Thursday for evening talks. Parish must have 1,000+ families. Some of the themes offered are God’s Love and Prayer, Love of Others (in the context of a Mass), Passion of Christ and the Need for Confession (followed by individual confessions), and Adoration and Healing (in context of Eucharistic Adoration and a Healing Service). For more information and cost, visit;
Renew International, Plainfield, N.J. 
Arise Together in Christ is a three-year process of spiritual renewal and evangelization. It begins with formation for diocesan and parish leaders, then continues with 5 six-week “seasons” which engages entire parish in a theme (e.g. Encountering Christ Today). Each season is broken down into weekly themes. Utilizes small groups, parish activities, reflections and social action.
Why Catholic? is a spiritual and catechetical approach to adult faith formation to educate people for evangelization. Based on Catechism-very content based. 
Longing for the Holy is a kit for small community faith-sharing and renewal.
For more information and cost, visit;
Renewal Ministries, Ann Arbor
Renewal Ministries is an organization focused on fostering renewal and evangelization in the Catholic Church. Sponsors radio and television programs and international mission trips. Conferences, workshops, retreats and speakers are available. For more information and cost, visit;
Word on Fire Catholic Ministries
Based out of Skokie, Illinois, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries offers Father Barron’s DVD study programs. Featured titles include:
Priest, Prophet, King
Catholicism Study Program
Catholicism: The New Evangelization
Catholicism Pilgrimage Journal
For more information and cost, visit