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Jeremiah 6

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Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, Chapter 6:

God continues His attention to the upcoming war. He speaks of the spiritual sickness of Jerusalem that has turned from Him to pursue their own pleasures. As a result of the illness, the whole city will face the disastrous ramifications of following their own path. Since the people have repeatedly rejected God, He will not protect them when an army arrives from the north and puts the city under siege. God again calls His people to repent, but He also knows they are stubborn and rebellious. Even the march of an army against them will not convince them to change their ways.


The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, Chapter 6:

A Warning to Judah

1 Flee for safety, O people of Benjamin,
from the midst of Jerusalem!
Blow the trumpet in Tekoa, and raise a signal on Bethhaccherem;
for evil looms out of the north, and great destruction.
2 The comely and delicately bred I will destroy, the daughter of Zion.
3 Shepherds with their flocks
shall come against her; they shall pitch their tents
around her,
they shall pasture, each in his place.
4 “Prepare war against her;
up, and let us attack at noon!”
“Woe to us, for the day declines, for the shadows of evening
5 “Up, and let us attack by night, and destroy her palaces!”
6 For thus says the Lord of hosts:
“Hew down her trees;
cast up a siege mound against Jerusalem.
This is the city which must be punished;
there is nothing but oppression within her.
7 As a well keeps its water fresh, so she keeps fresh her
violence and destruction are heard within her;
sickness and wounds are ever before me.
8 Be warned, O Jerusalem,
lest I be alienated from you; lest I make you a desolation,
an uninhabited land.”
9 Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Glean thoroughly as a vine
the remnant of Israel;
like a grape-gatherer pass your hand again
over its branches.”
10 To whom shall I speak and give warning,
that they may hear?
Behold, their ears are closed, they cannot listen;
behold, the word of the Lord is to them an object of scorn,
they take no pleasure in it.
11 Therefore I am full of the wrath of the Lord;
I am weary of holding it in.
“Pour it out upon the children
in the street,
and upon the gatherings of young men, also;
both husband and wife shall be taken,
the old folk and the very aged.
12 Their houses shall be turned over to others,
their fields and wives together;
for I will stretch out my hand against the inhabitants of
the land,”
says the Lord.
13 “For from the least to the greatest of them,
every one is greedy for unjust gain;
and from prophet to priest, every one deals falsely.
14 They have healed the wound of my people lightly,
saying, ‘Peace, peace,’
when there is no peace.
15 Were they ashamed
when they committed abomination?
No, they were not at all ashamed;
they did not know how to blush.
Therefore they shall fall among those who fall;
at the time that I punish them, they shall be overthrown,”
says the Lord.
16 Thus says the Lord:
“Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths,
where the good way is; and walk in it,
and find rest for your souls.
But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’
17 I set watchmen over you, saying, ‘Give heed to the sound of
the trumpet!’
But they said, ‘We will not give heed.’
18 Therefore hear, O nations, and know, O congregation,
what will happen to them.
19 Hear, O earth; behold, I am
bringing evil upon this people,
the fruit of their devices, because they have not given heed to my words;
and as for my law, they have rejected it.
20 To what purpose does frankincense come to me from Sheba,
or sweet cane from a distant land?
Your burnt offerings are not acceptable,
nor your sacrifices pleasing
to me.
21 Therefore thus says the Lord: ‘Behold, I will lay before this
stumbling blocks against which they shall stumble;
fathers and sons together, neighbor and friend shall
perish.’ ”
22 Thus says the Lord: “Behold, a people is coming
from the north country, a great nation is stirring
from the farthest parts of the earth.
23 They lay hold on bow and spear,
they are cruel and have no mercy,
the sound of them is like the roaring sea;
they ride upon horses,
set in array as a man for battle,
against you, O daughter of Zion!”
24 We have heard the report of it, our hands fall helpless;
anguish has taken hold of us, pain as of a woman with
labor pains.
25 Go not forth into the field,
nor walk on the road;
for the enemy has a sword, terror is on every side.
26 O daughter of my people, put on sackcloth,
and roll in ashes;
make mourning as for an only son,
most bitter lamentation; for suddenly the destroyer
will come upon us.
27 “I have made you an assayer and tester among my people,
that you may know and assay their ways.
28They are all stubbornly rebellious,
going about with slanders; they are bronze and iron,
all of them act corruptly.
29 The bellows blow fiercely,
the lead is consumed by the fire;
in vain the refining goes on,
for the wicked are not removed.
30 Refuse silver they are called, for the Lord has rejected


*Daily Lectio Divina Question:

The Lord sent prophets like Jeremiah to warn people of the devastating consequences of sin. For the proud, “the word of the Lord is to them an object of scorn” (Jer 6:10), but to the humble, His word is a loving invitation to holiness and right relationship. Lord, help me to be humble. Show me your ways, that I may walk in them. Do I hear your voice of correction as scornful, or as that of a loving Father and coach? Help me to remember that you are for me and not against me.





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Revised Standard Version; Second Catholic Edition. (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2006).
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Jeremías 6


Jeremías 6

6 1¡Poneos a salvo, hijos de Benjamín,

fuera de Jerusalén!

Tocad la trompeta en Tecoa,

alzad una señal en Bet-Ha-Quérem,

que por el norte asoma la desgracia,

un enorme quebranto.

2A la hermosa y exquisita,

a la hija de Sión, he acallado.

3Contra ella vienen pastores con sus


alzan las tiendas a su alrededor,

cada cual apacienta su manada.

4«¡Preparad el combate contra ella!

¡En pie, asaltémosla a mediodía!

¡Ay de nosotros, que el día declina,

que se alargan las sombras de la tarde!

5¡De pie, y asaltémosla de noche

y destruyamos sus palacios!».

6Esto dice el Señor de los ejércitos:

«Talad árboles,

y alzad terraplenes contra Jerusalén.

Ésta es la ciudad del castigo,

toda ella está llena de opresión.

7Como un pozo hace manar sus


así hace manar ella su maldad.

Violencia y pillaje resuenan en ella,

ante Mí siempre hay dolores y plagas.

8Enmiéndate, Jerusalén,

no sea que me aparte de ti,

no sea que te convierta en desolación,

en tierra deshabitada».

9Esto dice el Señor de los ejércitos:

«Rebusca a fondo, como en viña,

en los restos de Israel.

Vuelve a meter tu mano, como vendimiador

entre los pámpanos».

10¿A quién tengo que hablar

y poner como testigo para que me


Pues tienen oídos incircuncisos,

incapaces de prestar atención.

La palabra del Señor se ha vuelto

para ellos

una burla, no les gusta.

11Por eso, estoy lleno de la ira del Señor,

agotado de contenerla.

«¡Derrámala sobre los niños en la


y sobre los corros de jóvenes también!

Que sean atrapados marido y mujer,

el anciano y el colmado de días.

12Sus casas pasarán a otros,

con sus campos y mujeres,

cuando extienda Yo mi mano

contra los que habitan el país

–oráculo del Señor–.

13Pues del menor al mayor,

todos están ávidos de lucro.

Desde el profeta hasta el sacerdote,

todos se ejercitan en la mentira.

14Pretenden curar el quebranto de

mi pueblo

diciendo a la ligera:

“¡Paz, paz!”, cuando no hay paz.

15¿Se avergonzaron de las abominaciones

que hicieron?

Avergonzarse, no se avergonzaron.

Ruborizarse, tampoco saben.

Por eso, caerán con los que caigan,

tropezarán cuando Yo les tome


–oráculo del Señor–.

16Esto dice el Señor:

«Haced un alto en los caminos y mirad,

preguntad por las antiguas rutas

cuál es el camino del bien,

y seguidlo,

y hallaréis descanso para vuestras


Pero dijeron:

«No lo seguiremos».

17Yo os había puesto centinelas:

«Prestad atención al toque de trompeta


Pero respondieron:

«No la prestaremos».

18Por eso, escuchad, naciones,

entérate, comunidad,

de lo que les va a venir.

19Escucha, tierra:

«Mira que voy a traer desgracia

sobre este pueblo,

como fruto de sus maquinaciones,

porque no prestaron atención a mis


y despreciaron mi Ley.

20¿Qué me importa el incienso de


y la caña aromática de tierras lejanas?

Vuestros holocaustos no me son


vuestros sacrificios no me complacen


21Por eso dice el Señor:

«Mirad que voy a poner a este pueblo

obstáculos en que tropiecen:

padres e hijos a una,

vecinos y amigos se perderán».

22Esto dice el Señor:

«Mirad que de la tierra del norte

viene un pueblo,

una gran nación surge de los confines

de la tierra.

23Empuñan arcos y lanzas,

son crueles e implacables,

su fragor resuena como el mar.

Montan sobre caballos

preparados en orden de combate

contra ti, hija de Sión».

24Al oír la noticia, nuestras manos


nos atenaza la angustia,

el dolor de parto.

25¡No salgas al campo!,

¡no andes por los caminos!,

que la espada del enemigo,

el terror, nos rodea.

26Hija de mi pueblo, cíñete de saco,

revuélcate en ceniza,

haz duelo como por hijo único,

un llanto amargo,

porque vendrá de repente

el devastador sobre nosotros.

27«Te constituyo examinador de mi

pueblo, baluarte,

para que conozcas y examines su camino.

28Todos ellos son rebeldes obstinados,

que andan difamando;

bronce y hierro corroídos son todos


29Sopló el fuelle,

por el fuego se derritió el metal,

mas en vano refinó el refinador,

porque las escorias no se separaron.

30Plata de desecho los llamarán,

porque el Señor los ha desechado».


Pregunta de Lectio Divina del día de hoy


El Señor envió profetas como Jeremías para advertir a la gente de las devastadoras consecuencias del pecado. Para los orgullosos, “la palabra del Señor es para ellos objeto de burla” (Jer 6:10), pero para los humildes, Su palabra es una invitación amorosa a la santidad y a las relaciones correctas. Señor, ayúdame a ser humilde. Muéstrame tus caminos para que pueda andar en ellos. ¿Escucho tu voz de corrección como desdeñosa o como la de un Padre amoroso que guía? Ayúdame a recordar que estás a mi favor y no en mi contra.


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