Want to be a Priest?

What are the Signs of a Priestly Vocation?

Since Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth, suffered, died and for us rose from the dead to share God's life with us, then what He had to say and how he lived is of ultimate importance.

Do you wish to be a part of what He was about so much that you want to life His life and share with others what He had to say?

Do you want to give your life to others as He did?

Do you have a love of the Lord that moves you to give God everything, as Jesus did?

Are you open to His promptings deep within you?

Can you love people so much that you are able to love those who are unloveable?

Can you relate to others as "one who serves"?

Can you be happy with others and happy when alone?

Are you committed to daily prayer? Conversing and chatting with God? Considering His will?

Can you be self-sacrificing in giving yourself over to God's cause?

Is God persistent in giving you thoughts of being a priest?

Jesus Christ lived for others. Just how far can you go in being for others, setting aside your own urges and interests?

For Help in Discerning and in Answering Your Questions Call:

Contact Fr. John Linden or talk with a priest whom you admire.