Tuition Subsidy for Diaconal Formation

It is critical for deacons to have a solid foundation in theology and religious studies for the continued vibrancy of our church. Therefore the diocese, in order to encourage men to pursue theological studies, offers a tuition subsidy. It is our hope that parishes see the benefit of well-formed deacons and offer to help fund the formation of these men as well. The diocesan subsidy can cover up to 25% of the student’s total tuition.

The diocesan subsidy will be made available to those students who are enrolled in one of the five accepted programs of theological formation. An assessment of the compliance with these requirements will be part of the yearly review with the Director of Lay Ministry or the Director of Deacons.

The diocesan Finance Department collects tuition payments from the student and parish for the Siena Heights program.  Student payments as well as parish tuition subsidy for Siena Heights University students should be sent to the diocesan Registrar. Use the form below. 

Tuition Subsidy Request Form

Diocesan tuition subsidies for any other educational program will be paid directly to the student.  The diocesan subsidy will be paid to the student as a reimbursement for the tuition paid by the student to the college or university. Evidence of payment to the University must be submitted with the tuition subsidy request form. We recommend that parish subsidy for tuition other than for coursework through Siena Heights University Theological Studies Program be handled the same way.

The diocesan subsidy is available because of the generosity of the people of the diocese who continue to generously support the diocesan offices and services through the annual Diocesan Services Appeal. The Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing reserves the right to suspend the diocesan subsidy at any time if he feels that it is in the best interest of the overall financial health of the diocese.  In the event that the diocesan subsidy is suspended, every effort will be made to notify students in a timely manner.