Signs of a Priestly Call

Four Signs of a Possible Call to Priesthood

You Have an Attraction to What a Priest Does. 

For instance, you may find yourself thinking, “How would I have given that homily?” Or you may think, “How awesome it would be to offer what I just received in the confessional or in communion at Mass”?

You Have a Stronger than “Normal” Attraction to Prayer 

You find yourself wanting to stay a little longer after Mass or after the praise and worship service even as others are moving on.  You just feel a desire or need to be quiet with the Lord alone.

Though You Understand the Good of Marriage and Career, neither Seem to Give You a Sense of Fulfillment when Thinking of Them.

You desire something far more than what it seems you could find in the natural callings of the world.  You long for something it seems only God can provide and you want to love and serve all others intensely even to the point of giving of your whole life.

You Have a Growing Sense of an Ability to Live and be Fulfilled in Celibacy. 

You can somehow see yourself having all the intimacy you are created for in a celibate calling.  You have a sense of happiness in loving the Church like a bride and God’s people like your children and being loved by them and, most especially, by God.

For Help in Discerning and in Answering Your Questions Call:

Contact Rev. John Whitlock or talk with a priest whom you admire.

Since Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth, suffered, died and for us rose from the dead to share God's life with us, then what He had to say and how he lived is of ultimate importance.