NFP-Only Physicians in the Diocese

What is an NFP-only physician?  According to the One More Soul website, "NFP-only Physicians do not prescribe, perform, or refer for contraception, sterilization, abortion or in vitro fertilization.  They promote Natural Family Planning for achieving or avoiding conception." 

We have several NFP-only physicians in the Lansing Diocese and beyond!

NaPro Doctors

Washtenaw Area

Dr. Stephen Hickner
Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.
(734) 930-4020
More about Dr. Hickner Here

Caritas Center for Women's Health
Ann Arbor

Dr. Michelle Rabideau, Family Practioner
Ann Arbor area

Lansing Area

NFP - only Physicians (family practice & OB)

Dr. Peter J. Luea
McLaren Mid-Michigan Physicians
1540 Lake Lansing Rd. Suite 202
Lansing, MI 48912 Phone: 517-913-3820

Dr. Lisa Ludwig
Sparrow Medical Group – Lansing
1200 E. Michigan Ave.
Suite 325
PO Box 30480
Lansing, MI 48909-7980 Phone: 517-364-5160

NFP - only Physicians (OB/GYN)

Dr. Melissa Halverson Smith
Alliance OB GYN
Office Phone: 484-3000
cell: 517-803-5887
*patients need to request her specifically. 

NFP - Knowledgeable Physicians

Dr. Taylor Thelen – Family Practice
Clinton County Medical Center
St. Johns, MI
Phone: 989-224-3000

For more information about NFP-only physicians in your area, go to and use their Physician Directory.

If you are an NFP only physician and would like to be included in our referral information, contact:

NFP Program at 517-342-2587 or