How do We Support our Future Priests?

Accepting the Call

The Diocese of Lansing is blessed with a great many men who have accepted the call to discern and prepare for diocesan priesthood. It is gratifying and uplifting to see such a large number of men in our diocese responding resoundingly to Christ’s call.

The essential work of preparing these men with the formation they require for guiding us and feeding us through the sacraments is made possible only by our prayers, our encouragement and our generous charitable support.

Invest in our Future Priests

Now more than ever, people desire the Gospel message of hope and they yearn for the nurturing touch of Christ that comes to us through the sacraments. Priestly studies offer seminarians a program of sound scholarship and pastoral formation designed to prepare these men for the pastoral ministry in our diocese.

One of the major challenges facing seminarians today is the cost of their education. As we all know, the cost of a college education even at a public institution, is well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This challenge is no different in the seminary. In order to minimize the financial impact, we need the support of many faithful Catholics who value the mission and vision of our diocese and want to invest in its future. 

As a diocese, we must make supporting the education of our future priests and pastors a  priority. Let us ensure that no calling from God to the priesthood will be hindered by financial need. Through our generous support of our future priests, we are investing in the sacramental life of our children and our children’s children. 

Ways to Give

Outright Gifts

When you make an outright gift, your contribution can be put to work immediately.

Cash Gifts – the simplest and easiest gift you can make – can be made through outright cash, a personal check or credit card.

Gifts of long-term appreciated stock provide considerable tax advantages when transferred to the Diocese of Lansing before they are sold. Gifts of stock are encouraged when the donor has a desire to make a charitable gift and avoid capital gains tax.

Wills and Bequests

Donors wishing to offer continuing support for our mission to prepare well formed priests, can leave a specific gift amount in your will, name a percentage of your estate, or make the diocese a beneficiary of the remainder of your estate. Consult with your attorney or estate planning professional about detailing this in your will, restricting your gift to support seminarians.

Stock Gifts

You may wish to transfer long-term appreciated stock (held for one year or more) to the Diocese of Lansing in support of seminarians. The diocese will sell your stock and use the proceeds for seminarian formation and you will receive significant tax benefits. Please contact the Development Office for stock transfer details.

Life Insurance Policies

If you have paid up life insurance policies you no longer need, you can name the diocese as the beneficiary of the policy. You could also name the diocese as the owner and the beneficiary of a new policy. In either case, specific language restricting the gift to benefit seminarians should be in writing.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A gift annuity is an arrangement under which you make a contribution to support seminarians and receive, in turn, guaranteed payments for life. Your gift allows for a tax deduction and a portion of your annual annuity is tax free. Annuity rates vary depending on your age.

Charitable Trusts

A charitable trust is an attractive way to sell a highly appreciated asset, tax free, and reinvest it to provide you with a lifetime of income. A charitable trust can be flexible, so as to allow you to make future contributions and receive current income tax deductions.

Where to direct your gift

Your generous contributions will form tomorrow’s priests and prepare men of all ages and backgrounds to serve the faithful in our diocese. When you make a gift to the Diocese of Lansing in support of our future priests, you can direct your gift to a specific fund, as well as choose the way you give your gift.

Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund 

You may wish to designate your gift to the Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund. This trust was established to assist college level seminarians with the cost of their tuition and room and board. Each year, grants are awarded to deserving college level seminarians from the Bishop Albers Trust Fund. With the large number of seminarians in our diocese, your support of this fund will make a significant impact on the number of grants awarded to our seminarians. Click here to learn more about the Bishop Joseph H Albers Trust Fund .

Seminarian Education Fund 

You may choose to designate your gift to the Seminarian Education Fund. This fund provides assistance to those men who already have their college degree from a public university when they decide to study for priesthood. These men go on to study pre-Theology for 2 years and Theology for an additional 4 years. Your support of this fund will make a marked difference in the level of financial assistance available to these seminarians.

Your Contribution May Qualify You for…The Mitre Society Membership 

The Mitre Society is a community of devoted contributors (individuals, families and organizations) who support seminarians in the Diocese of Lansing. Donors contributing an annual gift of $2,500 or more qualify for membership. 

Contributions can be made annually, quarterly or monthly. A pledge reminder will be sent to you so that your gift can be paid in full within one year. Annual renewal invitations will be sent when your pledge is completed. Your annual contribution can be designated for the Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund or the Seminarian Education Fund.

Please pray for our seminarians
that God will bless them and lead them according to His will
as they continue their formation for the priesthood
in the Diocese of Lansing.