Distance Learning Based Theological Formation

Holy Apostles College & Seminary- Master’s Program

Course Requirements - 36 Credits

1.     6 credits of intro to both philosophy and theology (2 courses)

  • PHS 607: Philosophy for Theologians
  • DTH 600 Introduction to Theology

2.     12 credits of the core curriculum (4 courses)

  • DTH 731: One and Triune God
  • DTH 751: Christology
  • MTH 611: Moral Theology
  • SAS 651: Synoptic Gospels

3. 12 credits of an area of concentration (4 required concentration dependent courses. Fr Michael Murray felt Dogmatic Theology, Moral Theology, or Sacred Scripture concentrations would be most applicable to the diaconate.

4. 6 credits worth of 2 elective courses.

Total 36 Credits. (12 courses)

Augustine Institute - Master’s Program

Course Requirements- 36 Credits

1.    27 Credits of Core Curriculum

  • Scrp 501: Salvation History
  • Theo 502: The Creed, The Trinity, Christ and the Church
  • Hist 501: Evangelization of the Ancient World
  • Scrp 502: Jesus and the Gospels
  • Theo 503: Mystagogy: Liturgy and the Sacraments
  • Hist 502: The Church and Modernity (or Hist 504)
  • Scrp 504: Pauline Literature
  • Theo 504: Moral and Spiritual Theology
  • Then 501: Theology of the New Evangelization

2.    9 Credits of Elective Courses

Senior Thesis, Discipleship and Christian Life, Leadership for the New Evangelization, Ecclesial Life and Pastoral Care, Catechesis for the New Evangelization, Advanced Topics in Sacred Scripture, Peter, Paul and the origins of the Church, Mariology, Nature and God, The Challenge of Secularism, Catholic Social Doctrine

3.    3-hour final exam

Franciscan University MA in Theology

Admission Requirements- BA in Theology or Religious Studies. (If not you will be required to take 8 additional undergraduate courses in theology and philosophy

Course Requirements- 42 Credits (not including THE 517: Catechetic’s which is required but does not count toward the required 42 credits)