Bishop Directory | Diocese of Lansing

Bishop Directory

Bishop of Lansing, Most Rev. Earl Boyea
Phone: 517.342.2452
Fax: 517.342.2505

228 North Walnut Street
Lansing, MI 48933-1122

Bishop Emeritus, Most Rev. Carl F. Mengeling
Phone: 517.342.2452

Vicar General, Very Rev. Tim MacDonald
Phone: 517.342.2452

Moderator of the Curia and Deputy General Counsel,  Rev Michael Murray
Phone: 517.342.2456
Fax: 517.342.2527

General  Counsel, William Perrone
Phone: 517.342.2422

Chancellor, Deacon John M. Cameron
Phone: 517.342.2454

Secretary, Julie Fech
Phone: 517.342.2449
Fax: 517.342.2505

Safe Environment Coordinator, Reba Sommer
Phone: 517.342.2551
Fax: 517.342.2505

Administrative Assistant, Lorraine Rogge
Phone: 517.342.2501

Archives, Rev. Msgr. George Michalek
Phone: 517.342.2540
Fax: 517.342.2544

Albers Archive Building
326 W. Ionia Street
Lansing, MI 48933

Available Tuesdays only, from 9:00am - 4:30pm

Secretary, Julie Fech
Phone: 517.342.2449
Fax: 517.342.2505

Ecumenical Office, Rev. William Wegher
Phone: 734.878.3161


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